Poster Guidelines

Communicating for Influence and Change



  • To provide a visual overview (with some text) of a project, with an emphasis placed on elements linked to the design of an effective communications strategy (more details provided below in Section B).
  • To act as a visual aid for participants when sharing information about their project with other participants, or when learning about other projects.
  • To serve as a kernel around/upon which to strengthen a project’s communication plan


Please place the following two items in the centre of the poster

  • Development problem being addressed by the project
  • Policy objective

Please add the following items as they relate to the development problem and the policy objective on the remainder of the poster or in a one-page handout to accompany your poster.

  • Names / Institutions
  • Location & duration of project
  • Primary and secondary target audiences
  • Contact information


  • Use as many visuals as possible (photos of partners, of activities of products, of places)
  • Use as little text as possible (to allow for larger fonts size)
  • The poster should be no larger than 22.5″ x 28.5″ and no smaller than a single sheet of A3 paper
  • Use quotes from partners to bring the project to life
  • Be creative, experiment
  • Further hints are available at:


  • The workshop venue is open as of 19:00 on November 30.
  • You are invited to exhibit your poster on November 30th or between 8:00-8:30 on December 1st
  • We want this exercise to be fun and valuable to the participants. There will be no judging of the posters. The end goal of this exercise is to provide participants with a visual means of sharing knowledge and building a deeper understanding of the communication opportunities, challenges and appropriate strategies for the identified policy objectives.

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